To increase focus on the need for the mineral industry to effectively communicate with stakeholders, mining companies in Central Visayas collaborate to reinvent strategies to reach out to communities and engage more participation.

The companies believe that it is not enough to just acknowledge the rife impression of the public to the mining industry but rather move forward to a proactive engagement in dialogues with various stakeholders.

Mines and Geosciences Bureau – 7 Director Efren B. Carido called the mining industry to put their acts together and improve efforts to address both domestic and global concerns for the environment.

In a meeting on May 17 at the MGB – 7 regional office, the community relations officers and communications head of the mining companies in Central Visayas finalized their unified regional Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) plan for this year and the succeeding years.

A stakeholders mapping workshop was also facilitated by University of the Philippines Cebu communications professor, Jason A. Baguia to ensure that all communication efforts will be effective for everyone that holds a stake in the mining industry.

The meeting also resulted to the creation of the Association of Community Relations Practitioners of Central Visayas Mineral Industry to spearhead the communication campaigns in the region.

During the meeting, Director Carido reminded the company representatives of President Rodrigo Duterte’s message during his 2018 State of the Nation Address that the companies in the extractive industry needs to be more responsible in utilizing the country’s gift of mineral resource.

President Duterte emphasizes responsible mining and for the locals to benefit more of the resources than the foreign nations.