Services & Facilities

Geosciences Division


  • Formulates, develops and coordinates the adoption/implementation of regional geological mapping programs, field surveys and geological laboratory analytical techniques.
  • Conducts geological researches and assessments in specialized geoscientific disciplines including structural geology and tectonics, stratigraphy, engineering geology, hydrogeology, environmental geology, geohazards, mineral deposits and ore genesis, geochemical and geophysical mineral exploration and geological laboratory analysis
  • Conducts geological field surveys for purposes of mineral resource and groundwater potential assessment and exploration, landfill and other waste disposal site evaluation, and geohazard assessment of settlements, industrial zones and infrastructures.
  • Provides technical support services to government agencies, mining contractors/permittees, and the general public.

Quadrangle Mapping / Mineral Exploration Section

  • Conducts the basic geological mapping program and updating of geological maps in 1:50,000 map scales.
  • Provides geological maps,informaition and datato various stakeholders.
  • Carries out the stratigraphic studies of various area in the region and ensures the adherence of the region to international stratigraphic protocols.
  • Undertakes the geological exploration, assessment, characterization and geologic modeling of metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits of the region.
  • Carries out basic and applied research on specific mineral commodity to enhance information on the development and utilization of these minerals.
  • Integrates and updates the technical information on various metallic and non-metallic commodities to come up with consolidated Mineral Resources Data and Maps of the region on these minerals.
  • Carries out the geological assessment and exploration of area for possible declaration as mineral reservations and “Minahan Bayan”.
  • Carries out the mineral resources inventory of the region to focus the attention of investors and developers on the mineral-resources rich areas.

Urban Geology/ Geohazard Section

  • Undertakes geological hazards mapping and assessment of urban areas as well as areas that are densely populated, highly developed and those that are experiencing rapid growth.
  • Carries out investigation of geohazard-related incidences as per request by local government units
  • Provides the necessary basic geologic data and information to development planners, land developers and disaster management experts.
  • Develops the Geographic Information (GIS) for various geological applications of the Geosciences Division and updating of the geological database systems.
  • Implements the regulatory functions under the Engineering Geological and Geohazard Assessment (EGGA) requirements of the ECC System for housing and other land development projects

Environmental Geology & Hydrogeological Section

  • Carries out the groundwater resources assessment in various areas of the region to characterize the availability and vulnerability of these primary resources
  • Provides assistance to LGU’s and other stakeholders in identifying the viable water sources for both domestic and industrial uses.
  • Carries out the geological suitability assessment of possible solid waste disposal sites for development into engineered dumps or landfills.

Geological Laboratoryservices Section

  • As geological laboratory arm of MGB-Regional Office, provides laboratory services for metallic and non-metallic mineral resource exploration and development, and geo-scientific activities.

Mine Management Division


  • Conducts processing of applications for mining rights and undertakes the initial evaluation of the same prior to its endorsement to MGB-C.O.
  • Evaluate/Process applications for Ore Transport Permit, Certificate for the transport of ore for sample/assay purposes and Accreditation of Processors, Traders, Dealers and Retailers in the Trading of Mineral Products and By-Products and Mineral Processing Permit.
  • Undertake fieldworks for the enforcement of mining law particularly the illegal operations.
  • Conducts IEC’s for the mineral industry development, legalization and render technical assistance to LGU’s and assist the PMRB’s in the enforcement of mines devolved functions.
  • Prepares communications/documentation pertaining to area status/clearances under One-Stop-Shop. officiate the uprising of ore shipment and conducts verification of ore stockpile.
  • Undertake plotting of mining rights application in the MLSM/Control Map, cause the survey plan amendment/exclusion of survey area as maybe necessary, verify correctness of technical description/hectarage, updates the mining tenement maps, evaluation of survey order application and verification of survey for endorsement to MGB-C.O.
  • Undertake pre-processing/accepts mining rights application, receiving/releasing and recording/registration of mining documents, organizing and maintaining record holdings on mining rights/issuance of certifications and copies of mining documents from mining rights applicants/holders

Mineral Lands & Survey Section

  • Verifies correctness of technical description/hectarage of applied areas and plots their boundaries on the mining tenement control map in connection with the evaluation of mining applications & posting of Notices of Application/Relinquishment/Withdrawal.
  • Updates the mining tenement control map.
  • Conduct geodetic survey in connection with mining tenement boundary conflicts/request for boundary survey of mining claims.
  • Undertakes evaluation of application for survey order, verification of survey returns & recommends approval of survey plans in connection with mining tenements within Mineral Reservations.
  • Evaluates application for deputation of Geodetic Engineer.
  • Renders assistance to LGU in establishing local control/maps
  • Lead section in operationalizing the Regional One /One Stop Shop.

Monitoring & Technical Services Section

  • Conducts periodic monitoring of areas covered by existing mining rights, exploration permits and mineral processing permits.
  • Prepares documentations for PMRB’s and render technical assistance to small-scale miners and LGU’s re: devolved functions.
  • Conducts IEC’s re: enforcement of mining laws, mining industry development and mines devolved functions to LGU’s.
  • Processes/Evaluates Applications for Ore Transport Permit/ Certificate of Ore Transport for Assay and Pilot Test Purposes; Accreditation of Processors, Traders, Dealers and Retailers in the Trading of Minerals/Mineral Products; Treasure Hunting Permits; and Mineral Processing Permits.
  • Conducts investigation of mining complaints/conflicts and other mining related issues particularly those raised by NGO’s, LGU’s and Sanggunians.
  • Conducts verification of stockpiled materials and umpiring of ore shipment.
  • Prepares Deputation Orders and Special Orders;
  • Conducts fieldworks as maybe necessary.

Mining Rights Licensing Section

  • Undertakes evaluation of documents/requirements being submitted for mining rights applications;
  • Undertakes evaluation of Exploration; and Development and Utilization Work Programs submitted for mining rights applications;
  • Prepares letters/ correspondence regarding the compliances of necessary/mandatory requirements by the proponent regarding mining applications;
  • Undertakes field verification/inspection of the area for mining rights applications;
  • Undertakes coordination with the DENR Regional Services (LMD, FMS and PAWCZMS) for operation of OSSC;
  • Undertakes preparation of the transmittal for the request of area status/clearances from the NCIP, PCSD, and other conflicted/affected agencies such as public structures, reservation and others;
  • Undertakes pre-evaluation of mining applications for endorsement to MGB Central Office for final evaluation and approval of the Secretary.

Mining Tenements & Records Management Staff

  • Receives and pre-processes applications for mining rights in so far as it pertains to the documentary requirements prescribed by implementing rules and regulations; determines applicable fees.
  • Registers and takes custody of mining documents and instruments affecting mining rights; establishes and maintains registry books for the systematic recording and control of documents and applications.
  • Inputting data relating to mining tenements into the Mining Rights Management System.
  • Prepares mining tenement maps using the “MAP INFO PROGRAM” software.
  • Projection/Verification of area applied for using the Mining Rights Management System (MRMS) if area is free from conflict.
  • Verifies from the MRMS and other existing records status of mineral claims/applications for resolution of conflicts/overlapping.
  • Answers queries on rules and regulations in the processing, issuance and administration of mining rights/titles.
  • Issues certifications and copies of mining documents.
  • Prepares correspondences, endorsements, certifications for signature of higher management; perform the function of the Records Unit/Section for the Sector:
  • Receives correspondence coming the mining public and other agencies
  • Releases official correspondence by mail and by personal delivery.
  • Keeps and maintains the filing system and controls for the Regional Office’s records, reports, etc.

Mining Environment and Safety Division


The Division is primarily responsible for the enforcement of the environmental, safety and social development/management provisions of the Republic Act No. 7942 or the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 and its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (DENR Administrative Order No. 96-40, as amended.) This function includes the following:

  1. Management and administration of environmental, safety and health, and social development and management programs of large scale mining operations, quarries and cement plants within the region;
  2. For small-scale mining, the division is also responsible for identification, delineation and evaluation of a particular locality for possible declaration as People’s Small-Scale Mining Area (PSSMA), and is likewise involved in the implementation of environmental protection, safety and health standards and community development in small scale mining areas;
  3. The Division further acts as Technical Working Group, coordinator and secretariat of the Mine Rehabilitation Fund Committee, and its technical personnel serve as the heads of the Multipartite Monitoring Teams for various mining/quarrying/cement operators within the region

Mining Environment Section

Processes and conducts evaluation of CEMCRR applications and prepares CEMCRR Certificates/Exemption;

  • Conducts evaluation/monitoring of Environmental Work Programs;
  • Conducts evaluation of Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP) of sand and gravel operations and quarry permits;
  • Conducts evaluation of Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP) for large-scale mining operation;
  • Facilitates establishment of the Mine Rehabilitation Fund Committee MRFC;
  • Effects establishment/operationalization of the Multipartite Monitoring Team (MMT);
  • Facilitates signing of Memorandum of Agreement on the Establishment of the Contingent Liability and Rehabilitation Fund (MOA-CLRF);
  • Facilitates/Assists in the lodging of CLRF by various mining companies;
  • Conducts evaluation/approval/monitoring of Annual EPEP through the MMT’s headed by the MESD personnel;
  • Acts as coordinator/secretariat in quarterly MRFC/MMT meetings;
  • Conducts verification of submitted semi-annual report on Mine Waste and Tailings Produced/Utilized and Disposed;
  • Conducts assessment/processing of Claims for Damages;
  • Conducts environmental monitoring of mining/quarry/mineral processing operations with no approved EPEP yet;
  • Conducts assessment of areas/water quality of major river systems affected by operating and abandoned mines;
  • Conducts investigation on issues and complaints on environment related matters;
  • Conducts assessment of each mining operator’s accomplishment re: Adopt a Mountain, Adopt a Mining Forest Program;
  • Conducts verification of the company’s accomplishment re: Presidential Mineral Industry Environmental Awards (PMIEA);
  • Review and endorse to EMB Regional Office comments on the IEE/EIS documents pertaining to mining and quarrying projects;
  • Participates on project scoping /inspections, public hearings and EIA RevCom meetings;
  • Conducts evaluation/issuance of certificate of approval re: Social Development and Management Program (SDMP); and
  • Conducts quarterly monitoring of annual SDMP based on the approved SDMP.

Mine Safety & Health Section

  • Evaluates of Safety and Health Programs (SHP) of Mining Companies;
  • Endorses the evaluated SHP’s to MGB Central Office;
  • Monitors Safety and Health Programs of Mining Companies;
  • Conducts routinary safety and occupational health inspection of mining companies;
  • Conducts preliminary assessment of safety records of mining companies in relation to the national PMSEA safest mining company awards and endorses the same to MGB Central Office for final assessment;
  • Processes applications for permits to safety engineer’s/inspector’s of mining companies and service contractors;
  • Conducts annual inspection of explosives magazines of Purchaser’s license holders (mining companies and service contractors);
  • Processes Applications for Purchaser’s License and Blasters foreman’s License of mining companies blasters and service contractors;
  • Processes application to purchase and move explosive of mining companies and service contractors who have a service contract with legitimate mining companies/operators;
  • Effects endorsement the processed applications (applications for explosives license and permit to purchase and move explosives) to the Chief PNP, GHQ Camp Crame, Quezon City;
  • Submits routinary safety inspections (safety and occupational health, explosives magazines and mechanical/electrical) to MGB Central Office;
  • Collates and endorses to MGB Central Office Quarterly Safety Performance Report and explosives consumption report on mining companies and service contractors;
  • Conducts annual mechanical/electrical inspections of mining companies;
  • Effects issuance of permit to operate mechanical installations of mining companies;
  • Effects issuance of certificate of inspection of electrical installation of mining companies;
  • Effects issuance of permit to install mechanical/electrical installation to mining companies;
  • Conducts Training on Mine Safety and First Aid;
  • Participates as Safety Competition judges during the Annual Mine Safety and Environment Conference; and
  • Investigates fatal mine

Small-scale Mining Environment Section

  • Coordinates and attends meetings with PMRB/LGU’s;
  • Identifies area suitable for people’s small scale mining areas;
  • Delineates and assesses areas suitable for small scale mining areas;
  • Conducts inventory of People Small Scale Mining areas;
  • Prepares mineral distribution/location maps of PSSMA’s;
  • Identifies areas for communal quarry;
  • Delineates and assess areas for communal quarry;
  • Conducts and submit to MGB Central Office simplified community assessment;
  • Conducts safety health and environmental monitoring of small scale miners; and
  • Conducts Training on Mine Safety and First Aid for Small Scale Mining Areas.

Administrative and Finance Division


  • Is responsible for the planning, direction, and supervision of personnel administration (recruitment, selection, training, performance evaluation, promotions and fringe benefits). And such other general services such as property/supply and records management, transportation, property utilization and maintenance and repair, building and ground maintenance and repair which are necessary for the internal operation of the Region.
  • Review/assess the Regional Office’s performance related to its HRM, Administrative and financial management functions and recommends measures to improve same
  • Develop, coordinate and interpret the office policies relative to administrative and financial matters.
  • Administer, coordinate, develop and interpret the agency’s policies relative to accounting, taxes, budgets and cash, internal control and pre-auditing.
  • Advise/recommends the management on CSC, COA and DBM issues.

Human Resources Management & Development Section

  • To execute and implement policies, rules and regulations in all areas of personnel Management and human resource development.
  • Is responsible for the development of a comprehensive and a balanced personnel systems and programs designed to promote morale, integrity, efficiency, responsiveness and courtesy.
  • Assigns work and give instructions on new or complicated cases.
  • Supervise the work of Human Resource Mgt. Aides, Human Resource Mgt. Assistants in the performance of their duties and functions.
  • Informs employee of civil service rules and regulations and explains meaning of and reason for various personnel actions.

General Services & Property Section

  • To provide support services of office premises maintenance.
  • To maintain the motor pool and administer the proper and optimum use of vehicles.
  • To provide other essential services such as carpentry, janitorial and other related maintenance service.
  • To procure, store, distribute and record all equipment and supplies of the agency.
  • To make periodic inventory of the agency’s property, equipment and supplies.
  • To recommend disposal of condemned or non-usable equipment.
  • To keep and maintain the filing system and controls of the records of property accountabilities.
  • To maintain, repair, fabricate or modify machines/equipment and other properties of the bureau.
  • Implements safety and energy conservation programs for the bureau.
  • To recommend operational needs for improving work efficiency

Cashier Section

  • Responsible for the collections and issuance of official receipts from paying clienteles, employees and other people concerned. Deposited collections.
  • Undertake cashiering procedures of Mines and Geo-Sciences, Region IV and ensure proper implementation of treasury rules and regulations. Prepares Treasury Reports of MGB Region IV.
  • Responsible for the maintenance, control and updates of the balances of National Cash
  • Allocations and other funds of MGB Region IV.
  • Prepares, review and signs the following reports to be submitted to the Accounting and Auditing Section.
    1. Report of Disbursement
    2. Report of Checks Issued and Cancelled
    3. Report of Cash Deposit
    4. Report of Accountability
  • Responsible for the receipt, custody and disbursement of funds.
  • Prepares, issues and signs checks for payment of accountabilities to employees and other clients.

Budget Section

  • Responsible for the implementation of rules and regulations on the proper and realistic allocation and use of appropriations and allotment.
  • Review , analyze budget proposals in the region. Undertake budgetary procedures necessary to carry out the approved plans and programs including the technical preparation of the budget in coordination with the planning and management division and the implementing units of the regional Office.
  • Ensures proper implementation of budgetary rules and regulations in the region.
    Prepares Regional Office budgetary reports. Assist management on budget matters and provides information needed for planning and concerned parties.

Accounting Section

  • Recommends/Assist in the installation of internal control to safeguard the assets of the Regional office and undertake the implementation thereof; ensure compliance of accounting and auditing rules and regulations and undertake necessary actions upon COA recommendation.
  • Advice and Assist the office on accounting matters brought before the management by concerned regulatory agencies.
  • Undertake accounting procedures of MGB Regional Office IV (Financial accounting, GL accounting, Inventory Accounting, Accounts Payable accounting and Tax accounting.). Prepare, analyze, interpret and financial statements to Central Office and other government agencies concerned; maintains accounting records prescribed by the commission on Audit and remits deductions withheld from employees and creditors.

Planning Management and Information Staff

  • Undertakes planning and programming and monitoring an evaluation of programs/projects/activities of the region.
  • Provides technical assistance during the preparation of yearly budgetary estimates, and in the preparation of short, medium and long range plans for the region in the context of national development goals (MTPDP, MTPIP, GPOA, WFP).
  • Evaluates and monitors plans and programs for local funding.
  • Assists in the formulation of policies, plans and programs for regional operations.
  • Coordinate and monitors statistical activities of the region.
  • Collects, process, compiles and disseminate mineral statistics.
  • Publish and disseminates mining and environment related literature and information materials.
  • Conduct researches and socio-economic surveys in mining communities.
  • Prepare press releases, conducts information, education campaign activites through radio/TV broadcast.
  • Participates in exhibits, meetings, workshops, for a, seminars, roundtable discussion and other activities relating to the application of information, education and communication campaign of the regional office.

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