The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) 7 identified a total of 33 sitios in 17 barangays in Talisay City, Cebu to be highly susceptible to landslides and flooding.

The geohazards threat advisories mentioning the significant findings and recommendations were received by the local government units (LGUs).

Based on the results of the 1:10,000-scale geohazards assessment conducted early this year, 77 percent of the 22 barangays in Talisay City are high risks to either landslides or flooding.

“Eight sitios in seven barangays are rated high for landslides, and 25 sitios in 12 barangys were flood-prone areas,” said MGB 7 Regional Director Loreto B. Alburo.

A team of senior geologists composed of Maria Elena S. Lupo and Josephine T. Aleta conducted the said four-week assessment last February and March 2012.

The eight sitios with barangays with high landslide susceptibility rating are Barangay Proper, Camp 4; Zone 1, Candulawan; Campo 2, Jaclupan; Iba, Lagtang; Caduldulan, Lawaan 3; Barangay Proper, Manipis; and Campos, Purok 7, all in Tapul.

The same assessment indicates the following sitios with barangays for flooding: Proper and Zone 2, Biasong; Zone 2, Candulawan; Barangay Hall Proper, Tugas, Santo Niño, Baybay, and Karomahan, all in Dumlog; Ilang-ilang and Santa Catalina, Lagtang; near San Isidro, Lawaan II; Kasagingan, and Riverside, Lawaan; Lower Linao, Linao Proper, San Miguel, all in Linao; Cabutoy, Dapdap and Sunrise, Pooc, Pangpang, Isla Verde, and Ilang-ilang, San Isidro; San Roque; Rattan, Tangke; and Purok 5, Tapul.

“The geohazard mapping and assessment program is a banner project of DENR Secretary Ramon JP Paje as an important component of the government’s risk reduction and disaster management program,” Alburo articulated.

The program involves the identification of areas in the country prone to various geologic hazards like rain-induced landslides, floods, ground subsidence or sinking, coastal degradation and other forms slope instabilities.

“We are now embracing the varied effects of climate change – severe flooding, landslides, drought and we have to adapt to these changes and be ready always,” Alburo added.

He also stressed the need to develop or implement precautionary measures and early warning system to somehow reduce the impacts brought about by these geohazards.