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Application for Mineral Processing Permit (AMPP)

MGB Form 11-2



Mineral Processing Permit (Renewal)



Any Qualified Person may apply for an Industrial Sand and Gravel Permit with the Regional Director through the Regional Office for areas covering more than five (5) hectares but not to exceed twenty (20) hectares.

Mandatory Requirements in the Acceptance of Application

  1. Application Form (MGB Form No. 8-1 or MGB Form No. 8-2)
  2. Location Map/Sketch Plan (1:50,000 NAMRIA topographic map) of the proposed permit area showing its geographic coordinates/meridional block(s) and boundaries in relation to major environmental features and other projects duly prepared, signed and sealed by a deputized Geodetic Engineer
  3. Area clearance from the concerned Government agencies/ Local Government Units that may be affected by the permit application or written permission from the landowner(s) and surface owner(s) of the area applied for
  4. Work Program (MGB Form No. 5-4 or MGB Form No. 6-2) duly prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed Mining Engineer or Geologist
  5. When applicable, a satisfactory Environmental Management Record and Community Relations Record as determined by the Bureau in consultation with the Environmental Management Bureau and/or the Department Regional Office. The detailed guidelines for the determination and applicability of such records shall be specified by the Secretary upon the recommendation of the Director
  6. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) prior to extraction, removal and/or disposition and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP) (MGB Form No. 16-2)
  7. Proof of technical competence including, among others, curricula vitae and track records in mining operations and environmental management of the technical personnel who shall undertake the activities in accordance with the submitted Work Program and EPEP
  8. Proof of financial capability to undertake the activities pursuant to Work Program and EPEP, such as the following:
    • For individuals – Statement of assets and liabilities duly sworn in accordance with existing laws, credit lines and income tax return for the preceding three (3) years and
    • For corporations, partnerships, associations or cooperatives -Latest Audited Financial Statement and where applicable, Annual Report for the preceding year, credit lines, bank guarantees and/or similar negotiable instruments.
  9. Photocopy of Articles of Incorporation/ Partnership/Association, By-Laws and Certificate of Registration, duly certified by the SEC or authorized Government agency(ies) concerned, for corporations, partnerships, associations or cooperatives; and
  10. Other supporting papers as the Regional Office/Provincial/City Mining Regulatory Board concerned may require or the applicant may submit.


Indsutrial Sand and Gravel Permit Application


Industrial Sand and Gravel Permit Renewal

Declaration of Mining Project Feasibility for Exploration Permit



Declaration of Mining Project Feasibility for Mineral Processing Sharing Agreement

Deed of Assignment (DOA)



Operating Agreement Application


Ore Transport Permit (OTP)



Mineral Ore Export Permit (MOEP)



Ore Transport Certificate (OTC)


Certificate of Accreditation