MGB Mining companies in the country can use their unutilized Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) funds to support affected impact and non-impact communities due to the 2019 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

On April 1, 2020, the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) issued the guidelines for the realignment of the unutilized SDMP funds which refer to the unspent budget in 2019 carried over to the 2020 Annual SDMP budget.

 All MGB regional offices are authorized to approve SDMP fund realignments for programs, projects, and activities that can help combat the socio-economic effects of COVID-19 in the affected communities.

SDMP includes programs for the development of host and neighboring communities; information, education and communication; and development of mining technology and geosciences.

According to the guidelines, unutilized SDMP funds must be utilized first prior to the utilization of the 2020 funds. Subject to the approval of the MGB regional director, the 2020 Annual SDMP budget can be realigned with the utilization of 12 to 17 percent every week.

 The Community Development Program can also be realigned following the same guidelines. All necessary documents for the accounting of the utilization of realigned SDMP fund such as official receipts, and proof of purchase of food and medical supplies must be included in the quarterly accomplishment report to be submitted by the mining contractors.

MGB regional offices must also submit an accomplishment report weekly to the Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division and the Planning, Policy and International Affairs Division of MGB for collation and submission to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. /IO

Copy of the “Guidelines on the Realignment of Social Development and Management Program Unutilized Fund to Support Affected Impact and Non-Impact Communities due to Covid-19”

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