A healthy organization built on trust, good collaboration, and mutual respect creates a positive workplace and a productive team. This support network is vital, especially during stressful or challenging work activities and targets.

This is why the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) 7 emphasizes out-of-town activities for each division to focus on their Mid-Year Assessment and Review.

Regional Director Armando L. Malicse believes that if these activities, including Focus Group Discussions cum Team Building Activities, are initiated by each division and led by their division chiefs, they will encourage open dialogue among staff and help them understand each other’s perspectives better. This alignment reinforces values, motivation, and productivity among coworkers, ensuring everyone is working towards common goals and achieving MGB 7’s annual accomplishments and targets.

The Mid-Year Assessment and Review focused on discussions and updates and included interactive lectures and games to boost employee morale and inspire productivity at work.

The Geosciences Division (GD) held its assessment on June 8-9, while the Mine Management Division (MMD) and Mine Safety, Environment, and Social Development Division (MSESDD) held theirs on June 28-29. The Finance and Administrative Division had its assessment earlier this year. (Heart Rizarri/IO MGB7)