The Mines and Geosciences Bureau  Regional Office 7 (MGB-7) gives a stern warning against illegal Quarry and Sand and Gravel (SAG) operators to put a stop to their operation and remind DENR MGB-issued permit holders to ensure thatthey have proper documentation of extracted minerals.


The Mines and Geosciences Bureau  7 also clarified that it has not received any directive from the MGB Central Office on the suspension of DENR MGB-issued permits. This is in line with the confusion among MGB-issued permit holders in the light of the recent directive of Cebu Provincial Gov. Gwendolyn F. Garcia to suspend the operations of LGU-issued quarry and SAG permits within the Province of Cebu pending review. 


The Regional Bureau reminded holders of DENR MGB-issued permits to ensure that the required Transport documents for delivering of minerals/ mineral products are duly filled-up and in order such as Delivery Receipts (DR) and OreTransport Permits (OTP).


All illegally sourced minerals, mineral products and by-products including tools, conveyances and equipment used in the commission of any offense against the Philippine Mining Laws may be seized by an Apprehending Team and may be subject to further investigation and disposition.


Those who will be caught illegally extracting, removing or disposing minerals may be convicted of imprisonment from six months to six years or pay a fine from P10,000 to P20,000 or both.


In case of apprehension by the PNP and other government law enforcement agencies, the apprehending agency shall notify the MGB Regional Office concerned and turn over the seized items for proper investigation and disposition. Otherwise, the enforcement agency may coordinate with the concerned local government unit for their own disposition procedure and imposition of penalties based on the local ordinances. 


MGB-7 OIC Regional Director Efren B. Carido said that the DENR MGB-issued permit holders shall also ensure that their SAG operations abide by safety, health, and environmental provisions of the mining law and regulations and  that  ECC conditionalities are strictly followed.


He said MGB-7 will undertake comprehensive evaluation of existing permit holders/ operators to assess their compliance to regulations and commitment including social development and management of host and neighboring communities.