The Mines and Geosciences Bureau in Central Visayas (MGB-7) has deployed a team to investigate the landslide in Barangays Tinaan and Naalad in the City of Naga that claimed the lives of five individuals.

In a statement posted on their official website, the bureau stated that heavy rainfall on Wednesday night (September 19) and Thursday morning (September 20) may have triggered for the land in Sitio Sindulan, Barangay Tinaan to loosen.

“The area is underlain by limestone rocks and cracks and fissures are common in the area,” MGB-7 added.

In an interview, MGB-7 information officer Marian Codilla clarified reports circulating on social media that their department has assessed the area as safe.

A document from MGB-7 dated August 29 stated that Sitio Tagaytay in Barangay Tinaan is safe after the Naga City Government requested state geologists to probe on the cracks. The document was signed by their Finance and Operation Division chief lawyer Gerardo Mahusay.

“Sitio Sindulan is a separate area from Sitio Tagaytay. Our geologists are still in the area to investigate further,” said Codilla.

Source: Cebu Daily News