Empowering Mining Engineering Students: Successful Collaboration between MGB7, DENR7, PSEM-CIT U

posted: 13 july 2023

A groundbreaking collaboration between the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) and the Philippine Society of Mining Engineers (PSEM) Visayas Student Chapter has resulted in a transformative Information, Education, Communication Campaign (IEC) on Mineral Resources and Environmental Management.

The IEC campaign, held at the Cebu Institute of Technology University on June 27, 2023, left an indelible mark on mining engineering students and the local community promoting responsible mining practices and raising awareness about sustainable mineral resource development and environmental stewardship.

Purposefully conducted during the 2023 Philippine Environment Month, the campaign aimed to bridge the knowledge gap among students and the community, highlighting the responsible utilization of mineral resources and the pivotal role of environmental management.

In line with the vision of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, it envisioned a future where the mining industry thrives harmoniously, with regard to social, economic, and environmental considerations, and garners broad community and political support.

To ensure maximum impact, the campaign organizers tailored each topic to resonate with the student’s passions and aspirations. It featured engaging discussions on various crucial aspects of the mining industry such as the Mine Tenement Permitting System, and regulatory processes and compliance in mining operations. Discussions on Mine Rehabilitation, Safety, Health, Environment, and Security (SHES) practices emphasized the importance of preserving the environment and ensuring safe working conditions.

MGB’s National Geohazard Assessment and Mapping Program was also introduced highlighting the necessity of risk mitigation strategies, emphasizing the industry’s responsibility to protect communities from potential mining-related risks. Waste Management and the 5 Rs of Zero Waste were also addressed, cultivating a deep understanding of responsible waste reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery, and disposal, starting from individual households.

The resource speakers included Senior Environmental Management Specialist Engr. Anjaylove S. Geniston, Supervising Geologist Ms. Josephine T. Aleta, Science Research Specialist Engr. Genesis C. Madera, Community Affairs Officer Engr. Janica Michelle Medalle, IEC Unit Chief Engr. Cindylyn Pepito, and Environmental Manager Engr. Jenevy Patalinghug. Their collective expertise empowered participants to become advocates for responsible mineral resource development and environmental stewardship.

However, the IEC campaign was not limited to disseminating information only. Its primary objective was to inspire positive change in communities and motivate participants to take action.

The half-day event served as a platform for youth leaders of different regions and various communities to gain insights into sustainable mineral resource development and acquire the knowledge needed to make a difference in their respective areas.

“I sincerely thank PSEM Visayas Student Chapter for the initiative of organizing the event and to the youth leaders, and mining engineering students for their invaluable contributions to the successful campaign,” MGB7 Regional Director Armando Malicse said.

RD Malicse acknowledged their dedication and participation as crucial in empowering the next generation of mining professionals and promoting responsible practices in the industry and thank DENR 7 and will look forward to future collaborative IEC campaigns with the young generation.

The event drew overwhelming support and attendance with about 150 participating students from the Philippine Society of Mining Engineers – Cebu Institute of Technology University (PSEM-CIT-U), Mindanao State University–Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), Bicol University, and Saint Paul University Surigao.

“The event was successful, thanks to the collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, particularly the involvement of MGB7 and DENR7. We educated participants on responsible mineral resource utilization and environmental stewardship,” PSEM CIT-U President Matteo Antig said.

“We received positive feedback, with the suggestion to allocate more time for speaker presentations. We hope to collaborate further with MGB7 to involve youth in promoting sustainable communities and responsible mining practices,” he added.

Dr. Evangeline Evangelista, Dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture, delivered a warm welcome address, followed by a special message from Dr. Eddie Llamedo, Assistant Regional Director of DENR 7.

Furthermore, a special thanks to Apo Land and Quarry Corporation (ALQC) and Century Peak Minerals Development Corporation (CPMDC) for their sponsorship and active participation during the event.

Moving forward, MGB7, DENR7, and PSEM are eager to build upon this success and continue their collaborative efforts. They share a vision for the harmonious coexistence of mineral resources, the environment, and societal well-being, and remain committed to promoting sustainable mining practices for the benefit of present and future generations. (Heart Rizarri/IO COS MGB7)