USEP Geology Students' Educational Tour at Carmen Copper Corporation

On August 9, five geology students from the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) embarked on an educational journey at Carmen Copper Corporation (CCC) in Toledo City. The mine visit was initiated by the Geosciences Division of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) 7, represented by MGB 7 Geologist Ronnel Dalugdug, as part of the students’ On-the-Job Training program at MGB 7. The initiative aimed to impart firsthand knowledge to boost their interest in the area of geology and provide them with practical exposure.


The students had an opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. The visit commenced by exploring the Carmen Copper Heritage Center, an immersive introduction to the rich history and significance of mining in the region. Guided by Daryll Laurente and Rona Joyce Fernandez, the students delved into the heritage and evolution of the mining practices of the company.

Before descending into the mine, a safety induction led by CCC’s Safety Engineer, Engr. Teody Fabria, ensured the students’ readiness for their experiential learning.


As they ventured into the heart of the mine site, the students participated in a series of engaging lectures and discussions, facilitated by CCC’s Geology Division. Topics spanned from geotechnical innovations employed by the company to the intricacies of exploration and drilling activities, geological mapping, mineral resources, and standard operating procedures. This exposure enabled the students to translate their theoretical knowledge into practical understanding.


Reflecting on the experience, Sean Levi A. Abiera, one of the students, shared, “Visiting the Carmen Pit was truly enlightening. Observing the operations firsthand provided an entirely new dimension to our comprehension of mining.”


“Prior to the pit exploration, CCC’s Safety Engineer, Engr. Fabria, ensured our preparedness through a comprehensive Safety Induction. CCC also conducted lectures detailing the guidelines and instructions for the pit visit. Witnessing the mining operations in action allowed me to gain a deeper appreciation for concepts that I had only encountered in books,” Abiera added.


The participating students, namely Ms. Jay Marie N. Demaraye, Ms. Kaye M. Blancia, Ms. Kharyzz Jeanne C. Balugo, Ms. Rosali Mae R. Niog, and Mr. Sean Levi A. Abiera, were also honored with a courtesy call with Christopher John W. Salcedo, the Assistant Vice President for Safety, Health, Environment, and Community Services (AVP-SHECS) at CCC.


The visit to the Carmen Copper Corporation not only provided the students with an insider’s view of mining operations but also ignited their passion for geology. Through this immersive experience, they not only broadened their horizons but also established a solid foundation for comprehending the complexities of geology and mining in practice.