The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB)-7 has declared the entire barangay proper of Vive in Ronda, Cebu as a “no habitation” zone as the area is rated as very critical for landslide susceptibility.

This came after a team of Senior Geologists of MGB-7 conducted anew a site assessment in Barangay Vive following a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Visayas region last February 6, which resulted to the remobilization of old ground cracks on the mountain slope, west of the barangay center.

Initial assessment revealed that ground cracks extend an approximate length of 440 aerial meters along the ridge, trending northeast-southeast.  The largest vertical displacement is roughly 25 meters from the ridge top with horizontal displacement of 15 meters.

The team composed of Senior Geologists Maria Elena S. Lupo and Josephine T. Aleta recommended for the continued observation of saturated ground or seeps and sunken or displaced surfaces and monitoring of mass movements such as landslides and tension cracks.

A landslide threat advisory was issued last February 10 on the results of the assessment which was received by Ronda Municipal Engineer Oscar Pilapil and Barangay Kagawad Julito Bucog, addressed to Barangay Captain Canuto Sabio.

MGB-7 Regional Director Loreto B. Alburo said the affected constituents and local officials should initiate readiness and measures for this identified geohazard.

“MGB constantly recommends strict and continuous implementation of the recommendations by the residents of the barangay proper to be immediately moved to safer grounds,” he added.

The team noted that the area is seriously experiencing ground subsidence due to the dissolution of marly limestone material that becomes easily saturated given the amount of rainfall, especially within the school grounds of Langin National High School.

In 2010, MGB-7 recommended the barangay proper as a permanent danger zone and to avoid settlement at the foot of the slope. Also, in 1996, the MGB-7 recommended to the local government units for the relocation of Langin National High School and barangay residents.

Alburo warned communities who are living near or at the foot of the mountain slopes to exercise extra care and vigilance as many geohazards are rain-induced and earthquake related.